Calamity: A Torrent and a Trickle

Solo exhibition and residency at the Canadian Centre for Climate Change and Adaptation at University of Prince Edward Island, January 8 - March 4 2024

Calamity: A Torrent and a Trickle is a series of drawings by Climate Artist-in-Residence, Lisa Theriault. Theriault's colour pencil drawings delve into the psyche's response to pressing environmental challenges, juxtaposing fragility with resiliency and stark reality with joyous escapism. This body of work began as a series of drawings that explore imagined spaces amidst an ever-deteriorating environment. The drawings not only document but also fictionalize climate disasters.

The installation The Observation Lab is composed of drawing cut-outs that developed over two months to depict a research laboratory. This work-in-progress responded to the research, conversations, and experiences Theriault has encountered during her time as a Climate Artist-in-Residence. Within the artwork, viewers may notice references to various objects, furnishings, and findings from the Canadian Centre for Climate
Change and Adaptation, along with natural elements observed through the building's windows. The building itself serves as the artist's canvas.

Supported by Creative PEI and the PEI Culture Action Plan through Innovation PEI. 

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