Quarry Query
projection mapping installation, 2019

Quarry Query is a video/projection mapping installation of imaginary and mystical rocks on a transformative journey. The drawn imagery reflects on the practices associated with resource extraction, a topic that is alive and well in Canada. The animated imagery is hand drawn and comes from a combination of my own limited knowledge of these sites and playful or unexpected qualities. In inventing my own versions of these spaces that are both strange and whimsical, I aim to encourage open reflection and conversation.

The narrative is presented in four vignettes: the rocks sit ominously piled up, with searching spotlights as they’re extracted; the rocks move along a conveyor belt as they’re sorted; they melt and bubble in barrels as they’re processed; and finally they sit in shipping containers as they’re transported overseas. The continuous looping of the installation hints to the non-stop (yet irreversible) destruction of the land’s resources and a lack of human presence, as is often the case as these sites are hidden from consumers.

Quarry Query was created during a two-week residency at Struts Gallery & Faucet Media Arts Centre (Sackville, NB).

Lisa Theriault 2019©