film stills of the work-in-progress, HD Video, 2019

Off-Season is a 25 minute, single-channel video that reflects on Prince Edward Island’s tourism industry. While Prince Edward Island is well known as a charming summer getaway, Off-Season looks to bring attention to a different image of the island. The footage has a calm stillness and slow pace as it cycles through views of tourist destinations and attractions across the island, including closed down shops, restaurants, booths, amusement parks, campgrounds, beaches, and venues. Subtle visible movements of the once bustling locations reveal signs of fall and winter creeping into the frame, while cheerful signage and advertisements seem misplaced with few people around to witness them. 

This work is a reflection on a place that is hugely influenced by a seasonal tourism industry. I grew up in Charlottetown, P.E.I. and several of my earliest work experiences were at some of these tourist locations. I still visit these places whenever I am on P.E.I., especially in the off-season, as I am interested in the way these spaces transform between seasons.

Lisa Theriault 2019©