Wonders Never Cease (work in progress)
series of drawings, coloured pencil and ink on paper, July 2019 - present

In Wonders Never Cease, Lisa Theriault presents a series of drawings of imaginary landscapes that are inspired by ideas of utopia. The drawings incorporate aspects of places where Theriault has lived. She reimagines these places while responding to concepts of utopia that she encounters in her research, in combination with her own personal ideals. The drawings reveal spaces that are warm, friendly, and open, drawn at a scale that encourages the viewer’s eye to wander throughout the terrains. Charming details are strewn about: an assortment of snacks, a stack of books, and a menagerie of chairs around an outdoor dining table. Together, they offer glimpses into concepts of sustainability, simple living, and escapes within nature as well as the balances in life of pleasure and productivity, community and solitude. For Theriault, utopia is not a final destination, but a direction that begins from personal considerations; a vulnerable but worthwhile exercise. Envisioning utopias can serve as an inspiring strategy that encourages personal engagement and contribution to larger community discussions.

This project is supported by a Jeunes volontaires grant from Emploi Québec and a Research, Creation, and Exploration grant from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (CALQ).

Wonders Never Cease, Installation view of the outdoor exhibition Artch at Dorchester Square (Montréal, QC) Sept. 9-13 2020.

Island Beach Place
coloured pencil and ink on paper, 2019
16” x 20”

Artists’ Place
coloured pencil and ink on paper, 2019
20” x 16”

You know the feeling
coloured pencil on paper, 2019
11” x 14”

Pathway for reflection
coloured pencil and ink on paper, 2019
26” x 40”

Night Owls’ Place
coloured pencil and ink on paper, 2020
16” x 20”

The Beginning  and The End
coloured pencil and ink on paper, 2020
20” x 26”

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