Wonders Never Cease (work in progress)
series of drawings, coloured pencil and ink on paper, July 2019 - present

In Wonders Never Cease, Lisa Theriault presents a series of drawings that are inspired by ideas of utopia. Throughout the works, Theriault creates imagined places that reflect on sustainability, simple living, and escapes within nature while considering the balances in life of pleasure and productivity, community and solitude. The project notably looks to challenge the common narrative of utopias as cities or urban spaces by focusing on rural utopias.

The drawings are made at an intimate scale with colored pencil and ink on paper. They follow a parallel perspective (parallel lines are drawn parallel instead of converging, as in linear perspective) that results in spaces that are flattened, measured, and seemingly could continue on forever. This approach interests the artist as a strategy to represent theoretical spaces that can never exist (utopia in fact means “no-place”) and will never be visited. They have a childlike naivety in their materiality and simplicity, giving a sense of idealism and joy, while still considering challenging subject matter and socio-cultural concerns. For Theriault, utopia is a direction that begins from personal considerations; a vulnerable but worthwhile exercise. Envisioning utopias can serve as an inspiring strategy that encourages personal engagement and contribution to larger community discussions.

This project is supported by a Jeunes volontaires grant from Emploi Québec and a Research, Creation, and Exploration grant from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (CALQ).

Island Beach Place
coloured pencil and ink on paper, 2019
16” x 20”

Artists’ Place
coloured pencil and ink on paper, 2019
20” x 16”

You know the feeling
coloured pencil on paper, 2019
11” x 14”

Pathway for reflection
coloured pencil and ink on paper, 2019
26” x 40”

Night Owls’ Place
coloured pencil and ink on paper, 2020
16” x 20”

The Beginning  and The End
coloured pencil and ink on paper, 2020
20” x 26”

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