Wonders Never Cease (work in progress)
series of drawings, coloured pencil and ink on paper, July 2019 - present

In the new body of work Wonders Never Cease, Lisa Theriault imagines idealised places in a series of drawings and miniatures. Throughout the works, Theriault explores ideas of utopia by reflecting on sustainability, simple living, and escapes within nature, while considering the balances in life of pleasure and productivity; and community and solitude. Beginning from research on concepts of utopia, the drawings allow the artist to progress through different considerations (e.g. a place for artists to create and socialize, balancing natural spaces with human-made comforts, an abstract feeling of a utopian place) while remaining cohesive enough to seem as though they are all from the same world. Much in the way architects and designers propose potential spaces through drafts and models, the works use drawings and miniatures that echo back-and-forth in a world-building exercise, encouraging viewers to insert themselves in the landscapes as their eyes wander through the terrains.

This project is supported by a Jeunes volontaires grant from Emploi Québec and a Research, Creation, and Exploration grant from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (CALQ).

Island Beach Place
coloured pencil and ink on paper, 2019
16” x 20”

Artists’ Place
coloured pencil and ink on paper, 2019
20” x 16”

You know the feeling
coloured pencil on paper, 2019
11” x 14”

Pathway for reflection
coloured pencil on paper, 2019
26” x 40”

Lisa Theriault 2019©