Group exhibition at the Hilda Woolnough Gallery with Evan Furness, Lisa Theriault, and Damien Worth,  2023

Site/Scene is an exhibition of recent work by Evan Furness, Lisa Theriault, and Damien Worth exploring their relationship to living in rural Epekwitk/Prince Edward Island. These artists work across disciplines, using drawing, video, sculpture, and installation to interpret both their past experiences and their speculations about the future. Worth’s sculptural vignettes examine rural infrastructure through playful use of space and dialogues between mundane objects. Theriault's meticulous and detailed drawings build a narrative around a lone high-rise building as it is overtaken by a collapsing environment. Furness’s paintings and videos reflect on farm spaces in relation to tropes found in their depictions in horror sci fi and dystopian fiction.

In addition to the works created independently, the meetings held in preparation for this exhibition lead to the creation of a collaborative installation stemming from their collective experience of Hurricane Fiona. The structure is assembled from building material and other objects found around the artists homes and includes several videos also created through collaboration by the artists. 

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